Me, Myself, and I.
Born in Chicago to Mexican immigrant parents, where I grew up along side my two sisters and older brother. I am the third child and I have also been diagnosed with middle child syndrome. I grew up in the south west side of the city in neighborhood called "Little Village", here I attended school and also began my artistic career with regular stick figures as well as your regular war scene drawings that would bring fame with my class mates and trouble with my teachers.

Inspiration :: I find inspiration for my work mainly from everyday life situations occurring to me, the people around me, and in my neighborhood. I try to incorporate music, social issues, poverty, violence, sex, graffiti and any topic that might flare an intrest or inspiration in order to create art and design. Additionally, I find influence in comics, pulp movies and TV. I always keep an open mind to new ideas and experiences that I may encounter and refuse to ignore any subject for interpretation and exploration.

Influences :: I have been influenced throughout my art career by various renown artists and artists in my midst alike which has truly helped me to develop a unique taste in art. Diego Rivera, an artist whose works surrounded me as a child in Mexico, has impacted my calling to use my art as commentary on my society. His example also feeds the urge in me to keep art public. Frank Frazetta's ability to draw a viewer into his work consistently inspires me to keep a vision that can be seen in my work. Lastly, David Alfaro Siqueiros an artist, soldier and true hero instills the desire in me to become a voice with my art.

My uncle Gildardo Pazaran, an architect and also a fine artist located in Mexico City, lead me through many paths of artistic reasoning and challenges. He gave me the confidence to perservere through the struggles of being an artist and introduced me to many of the great Mexican artists. In addition, my good friend Jesus Estrada launched and continues to feed my interest in graffiti art as a way of conveying art and "keeping my work real." Lastly, I am currently working with two Chicago artists and former teachers Jose Gutierrez and Pablo Serrano to begin a new art company called "Proyecto Mural" and the continuation of art and design creation.

"If my life had a soundtrack, Cafe Tacuba would be the sounds of my life."